What we bring to the table:

Distribution and reach

Ramify has launched a content and distribution service – RamifyPRO – to expand and strengthen your brand’s reach to our audience of high level agency and marketing executives.

Media contacts

With nearly three decades worth of experience in PR in the advertising and related industries sectors, you can imagine they know the journalists really well. And, thanks to their work on their broader client base, their contacts extend to lifestyle, environmental, news, general business and IT media.


We’ve been doing PR for nearly 30 years, and Cathy has been writing for far longer (she started working on Marketing Mix in the late 1980s); they know what the media want, and they know how to get it to them in a professional manner.

A learning curve, not a treadmill

Far from being bored by content creation and media distribution, we’re constantly embracing new experiences and technologies. We understand that media today requires a different voice, a different tone, a different approach.


Affordable, fixed fees – no surprises.

Our services

Ramify.biz has launched a content and distribution service — RamifyPRO — to expand and strengthen your brand’s reach to our audience of high level agency and marketing executives.

We now offer

  • Access to media liaison specialists and content creators with nearly 30 years’ experience in the advertising sector and related industries
  • Provision of two content pieces a month to run on Ramify.biz (standard contract)
  • Distribution of your content beyond Ramify.biz to other relevant trade media
  • Distribution of your content to the managers of your social media channels
  • Affordable, fixed fees — no surprises

The team

Our consultants have exceptional relationships with those media covering the advertising and related industries sectors.
Cathy van Zyl

Cathy van Zyl

Content Director

Cathy has 27 years' experience in IT, marketing and business public relations, and three years’ unbroken experience as journalist, but many more as a freelancer. She edited for Marketing Mix and was the features editor for ComputerWeek, and has written for Financial Mail, Business Day and Advertising Age (an American-based international advertising magazine). Past accounts worked on include Murray & Roberts Housing, Pam Golding Properties, Hunt Lascaris TBWA, The Jupiter Drawing Room, Malbak, Nedbank Group, Ernst & Young, World Leisure Holidays, Digital Software Technology, IBM Education and Denel Informatics. She is also the associate editor of Platter’s SA Wine Guide.

Petra Peacock

Petra Peacock

Accounts Director

Petra Peacock has 10 years’ experience in the IT public relations industry and 17 years’ experience in the marketing public relations industry. She has worked on accounts such as Van Zyl & Prichard, Cirrus Technologies, Mandevco, Intergray't, Effective PC Training, Digital Software Technologies, IBM Education, The Jupiter Drawing Room and Softsel. Prior to her move to the PR industry, Petra worked within the Argus group and therefore has an above average understanding of how the media, particularly newsprint and trade, operate.

Herman Manson

Herman Manson

Publisher - Ramify.biz

Herman Manson (@marklives) is the founder and editor of MarkLives.com and the publsiher of Ramify.biz.

His writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines locally and abroad, including the Mail & Guardian, Men's Health, Intelligence and more. He also co-founded Brand and MobileWorks magazines.

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